Kahului Elementary School

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Congratulations Kahului Eagles!!!  Kahului Elementary is now a WASC accredited school!  We were granted a 6 Year Accreditation Status with a Mid-cycle Two-day Visit!

Student Learner Outcomes

Student Learner Outcomes
Effort Students will complete all of their class work and homework.
  • Students will use their time to stay on task.
  • Students will keep trying to meet/exceed Standards.
Attitude Students will be willing to do new things.
  • Students will express positive feelings towards learning.
  • Students will cooperate with each other.
Gratitude Students will care for personal and school property.
  • Students will appreciate family, school and community support.
Learning Students will gather and use information from many sources, including technology.
  • Students will communicate in different ways.
  • Students will read, write and compute to produce a quality product.
Esteem Students will respect themselves and others.
Success Students will attend school regularly.
  • Students will turn in their work on time.
  • Students will follow school code of conduct.